Nicholas Spyrison

Nicholas Spyrison

PhD Candidate

Monash University

I am a PhD candidate at Monash University, Melbourne Australia where I study multivariate data visualization, dimension reduction, and nonlinear model interpretability. I have recently submitted my thesis Interactive and dynamic visualization of high-dimensional data. I am the author of the R packages spinifex and cheem.

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spinifex Link Documentation Application Code
cheem Link Documentation Application Code

I am grateful to be studying with the NUMBATS and Immersive Analytics. My PhD research is in collaboration with Professor Dianne Cook and Professor Kim Marriott.

I have been deepening my appreciation for coffee during my time in Australia. I love dogs and enjoy a good bike ride, comedy, and board games.

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  • Dimension reduction
  • Multivariate data vis
  • Machine learning
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Futurology & human progress


  • PhD in Information Technology, 2022

    Monash University

  • BSc in Statistics, 2012

    Iowa State University